Evidence mapping of tuberculosis case finding studies essential for site-specific modeling: a scoping review

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The Lasallian Journal of Medicine and Health Sciences


Background: Strides and benefits in finding active TB patients beyond health facilities using active case finding (ACF) strategies have been documented in several countries. The Philippines is in favorable position to explore strategies and gather insights on modelling cost-effectiveness of ACF in localized settings.

Design/Methods: Scoping review, search peer-reviewed papers from research databases and hand-searched reference lists. Included studies from 2009 onwards, ACF strategies' systematic reviews, and mathematical modelling of ACF strategies with effectiveness measures, settings at middle-to-high-burden countries.

Result: Twelve paper (8 reviews, 3 mathematical modelling, 1 observational) fulfilled the eligibility criteria. Common ACF strategies considered to be cost-effective were contact tracing and targeted screening.

Conclusions: Modelling different ACF strategies is feasible in the Philippines provide that target population, key parameters and assumptions were identified properly. Availability of localized data on TB epidemiology and target groups of ACF initiatives may pose challenge.

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