Communication within the Workplace in the Academics 2 of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute: 3 Basis for Proposed Communication Strategic Model

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British Journal of Medical & Health Sciences


After the conduct of this research, it clearly shows that the size of the organization 6 (colleges/departments in particular) can be a barrier to any of these goals of 7 communication if there is no clear system to help manage the sending and receiving of 8 messages. When determining what type of structure works best for an organization, 9 size matters. On the other hand, all Highly Effective verbal descriptions given as 10 feedback by the respondents on the nine (9) items under the Immediate Heads’ Level 11 of Communication Strategies prove that the immediate heads provide clear goals and 12 directions. The positive results as regards the immediate heads’ intent in terms of the 13 delivery of communication strategies and at the same time the non-teaching 14 personnel’s perceptions of the effective flow of communication as well as on their 15 immediate heads’ level of communication strategies prove the success of downward 16 communication in De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute’s Academics. 17 Finally, there exists no communication gap between the academic administrators and 18 the non-teaching personnel within the Academics of DLSMHSI.

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