Anxious, Apart, and Attentive: A Qualitative Case Study of Overseas Filipino Workers’ Families in the time of COVID-19

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The Family Journal: Counseling and Therapy for Couples and Families


Cognizant of the nature and type of family as factors that affect the experience and coping of its members, this study sought to examine the impact of the pandemic on overseas Filipino workers’ (OFW) families using a qualitative instrumental case study off our OFW families. Three themes emerged from the analysis: (1) worry over the conditions of the distant family members, (2)disruptions in plans and family relationships, and (3) monitoring and caring from a distance. From these findings, it could be reflected that despite the negative effects of the pandemic, OFW families can recreate patterns over time to retain their familial relations and routines and protect members from coronavirus and its consequences.

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