Experiences and reflections of clinical supervisors on online occupational therapy internship during the covid-19 pandemic

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Philippine Journal of Health Research and Development


Due to restrictions brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, occupational therapy (OT) programs in the Philippines postponed face-to-face internship indefinitely. While guidelines encourage the use of the different alternative strategies in emergency remote learning, many Filipino clinical supervisors are apprehensive about online internship to prepare interns for clinical practice. In response to the growing concerns regarding online internship, an online forum was organized and attended by 23 clinical supervisors who shared their experiences and reflections. The online forum included sharing of speakers from major practice settings, breakout sessions, and sharing of insights from the breakout sessions. Qualitative data were collected and analyzed. Four themes emerged: issues and challenges in using telehealth as part of OT internship; maximizing technology in OT internship; re-envisioning competencies of students and internship supervisors towards the quality of client care, and; potentialities for the future of OT internship. Components of online internship will stay and must be further developed even after the pandemic. Through the forum, clinical supervisors can achieve collective goals in order to effectively educate OT interns amid unprecedented times.

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