Autologous dendritic cell transplantation as an adjuvant treatment in pleomorphic lung carcinoma

Francisco S. Chung Jr.
Nelia S. Tan-Liu
Guia Imelda Elena R. Ladrera
Ramoncito S. Habaluyas
Ernesto DJ. Yuson
Joselito J. Danguilan
Juanito A. Rubio
Maria Teresa A. Barzaga, Department of Microbiology - De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute
Samuel D. Bernal,


We embarked on autologous dendric cells (DC) transplantation as an adjuvant therapy with chemotherapy in a pleomorphic lung carcinoma patient. DC were isolated from PBMC and primed with the autologous tumor lysate. No adverse event was noted in DC transplantation. DC administration also correlated with immunomodulation, as evidenced by an approximately 5-fold increase in serum interferon gamma after 2 months. The utility of autologous DC transplantation may offer a clinical benefit with virtually no adverse event.