Submissions from 2021

Extending the use of the conceptions of learning and teaching (COLT) instrument to the postgraduate setting, Jaime L. Pacifico, Walther van Mook, Jeroen Donkers, Johanna C.G. Jacobs, Cees van der Vleuten, and Sylvia Heeneman

Submissions from 2020

Efficacy of a tetravalent dengue vaccine in healthy children aged 4–16 years: a randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 3 trial, Shibadas Biswal, Charissa Borja-Tabora, Luis Martinez Vargas, Hector Velásquez, Maria Theresa Alera, Victor Sierra, Edith Johana Rodriguez-Arenales, Delia Yu, V. Pujitha Wickramasinghe, Edson Duarte Moreira, Asvini D. Fernando, Dulanie Gunasekera, Pope Kosalaraksa, Felix Espinoza, Eduardo López-Medina, Lulu Bravo, Suely Tuboi, Yanee Hutagalung, Pedro Garbes, Ian Escudero, Martina Rauscher, Svetlana Bizjajeva, Inge LeFevre, Astrid Borkowski, Xavier Saez-Llorens, Derek Wallace, Alys Concepción, Ana Cecilia Villarreal, Asvini Fernando, Chukiat Sirivichayakul, Edith Johanna Rodriguez-Arenales, and Edson Duarte Moreira

Learning styles of millennial students at a pharmacy school in the philippines, Darwin I. Carrido and Romeo Luis F. Ramirez

Recommendations for the adjuvant use of the poly-antibiotic–resistant probiotic Bacillus clausii (O/C, SIN, N/R, T) in acute, chronic, and antibiotic-associated diarrhea in children: consensus from Asian experts, Jo Anne De Castro, Dhanasekhar Kesavelu, Keya Rani Lahiri, Nataruks Chaijitraruch, Voranush Chongsrisawat, Pramod Prabhakar Jog, Yun Haw Liaw, Gia Khanh Nguyen, Thi Viet Ha Nguyen, Uday Ananth Pai, Huu Nguyet Diem Phan, Seng Hock Quak, Pornthep Tanpowpong, and Mary Jean Guno

Randomised clinical trial: the effectiveness of Gaviscon Advance vs non-alginate antacid in suppression of acid pocket and post-prandial reflux in obese individuals after late-night supper, Mohd Adli Deraman, Muhammad Ilham Abdul Hafidz, Rona Marie Lawenko, Zheng Feei Ma, Mung Seong Wong, Cathal Coyle, and Yeong Yeh Lee

Hemodynamic activity and connectivity of the prefrontal cortex by using functional near-infrared spectroscopy during color-word interference test in Korean and English language, Gihyoun Lee, Ji Su Park, Mezie Laurence B. Ortiz, Jun Yong Hong, Seung Ho Paik, Seung Hyun Lee, Beop Min Kim, and Young Jin Jung

Systemic disorders that affect gastrointestinal motility, Yeong Yeh Lee, Mohammad Majharul Haque, Rona Marie Lawenko, and Amol Sharma

Philippine consensus statement on the use of ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting diet on adults for weight reduction, Elmer Jasper B. Llanes, Eddieson M. Gonzales, Don Robspierre Reyes, Maria Julia G. Gubat, Ma Eloisa Estipona-Villaraza, Princess Jereme T. Bautista, Lourdes Ella G. Santos, Nanette Rey, Olive Q. De Guzman-Quizon, Jim Saret, Toni Saret, Nemencio A. Nicodemus, Bien J. Matawaran, and Cecilia A. Jimeno

Diagnosing peripheral neuropathy in South-East Asia: A focus on diabetic neuropathy, Rayaz A. Malik, Aimee Andag-Silva, Charungthai Dejthevaporn, Manfaluthy Hakim, Jasmine S. Koh, Rizaldy Pinzon, Norlela Sukor, and Ka Sing Wong

Understanding teaching and learning conceptions among clinical faculty as a means to improve postgraduate training, Jaime L. Pacifico, Jeroen Donkers, Johanna Jacobs, Cees van der Vleuten, and Sylvia Heeneman

How perceptions of residents toward assessment influence learning: A qualitative study, Jaime L. Pacifico, Julie Anne S. Villanueva, Sylvia Heeneman, and Cees van der Vleuten

Teaching the affective domain in community-based medical education: A scoping review, Celso P. Pagatpatan, Joshua Alexander T. Valdezco, and Jeff Daniel C. Lauron

Incentivizing (and disincentivizing) mothers to utilize maternal health services: A focus group study, Amihan Perez, Celso Pagatpatan, and Caroline Mae Ramirez

Polymeric compositions of medical devices account for the variations in Candida albicans biofilm structural morphology, D. E.P. Sumalapao, N. R. Villarante, P. B.D. Salazar, F. M.D. Alegre, M. T. Altura, I. C. Sia, M. J.C. Flores, D. M. Amalin, and N. G. Gloriani

Susceptibility profile of Candida albicans biofilms on polyvinyl chloride endotracheal tube to antifungal azoles, Derick Erl P. Sumalapao, Frederico Martin D. Alegre, Pauline Bridgette D. Salazar, Nelson R. Villarante, Isidro C. Sia, and Nina G. Gloriani

Performance evaluation of Ag/SnO2 nanocomposite materials as coating material with high capability on antibacterial activity, Eduardo B. Tibayan, Muhammad Akhsin Muflikhun, Vipin Kumar, Christine Fisher, Al Rey C. Villagracia, and Gil Nonato C. Santos

Structures and UV resistance of Ag/SnO2 nanocomposite materials synthesized by horizontal vapor phase growth for coating applications, Eduardo B. Tibayan, Muhammad Akhsin Muflikhun, Al Rey C. Villagracia, Vipin Kumar, and Gil Nonato C. Santos

Patient-cost survey for tuberculosis in the context of patientpathway modelling, E. M. Tomeny, V. L. Mendoza, D. B. Marcelo, A. J.D. Barrameda, I. Langley, J. M. Abong, V. B. Dalay, C. Y. Yu, and S. B. Squire

Safety and immunogenicity of a tetravalent dengue vaccine in children aged 2–17 years: a randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 2 trial, Vianney Tricou, Xavier Sáez-Llorens, Delia Yu, Luis Rivera, José Jimeno, Ana Cecilia Villarreal, Epiphany Dato, Onix Saldaña de Suman, Nathali Montenegro, Rodrigo DeAntonio, Sonia Mazara, Maria Vargas, Debbie Mendoza, Martina Rauscher, Manja Brose, Inge Lefevre, Suely Tuboi, Astrid Borkowski, and Derek Wallace

Assessment of a proposed BMI formula in predicting body fat percentage among Filipino young adults, Michael Van Haute, Emer Rondilla, Jasmine Lorraine Vitug, Kristelle Diane Batin, Romaia Elaiza Abrugar, Francis Quitoriano, Kryzia Dela Merced, Trizha Maaño, Jojomaku Higa, Jianna Gayle Almoro, Darlene Ternida, and J. T. Cabrera

Submissions from 2019

Use of GeneXpert and the role of an expert panel in improving clinical diagnosis of smearnegative tuberculosis cases, Jovilia Abong, Victoria Dalay, Ivor Langley, Ewan Tomeny, Danaida Marcelo, Victor Mendoza, Arvin Christian Aquino, Anna Marie Celina Garfin, Bertie Squire, and Charles Yu

Care of adolescents and young adults with cancer in Asia: Results of an ESMO/SIOPE/SIOP Asia survey, Chi Kong Li, Rashmi Dalvi, Kan Yonemori, Hany Ariffin, Chuhl Joo Lyu, Mohamad Farid, Julieta Rita N. Gonzales-Santos, Qing Zhou, Stefan Bielack, Laurence Brugieres, Anne Blondeel, Samira Essiaf, Fedro Alessandro Peccatori, Svetlana Jezdic, Daniel P. Stark, Jean Yves Douillard, Emmanouil Saloustros, and Giannis Mountzios

False-positive Positron Emission Tracing/Computed Tomography Secondary to Suture Granuloma Formation in Early-stage Endometrial Cancer, Angelito Magno, Quenny M.D.A. Alas, Chen Ai Sung, and Kuan Gen Huang

Bifidobacterium infantis M-63 improves mental health in victims with irritable bowel syndrome developed after a major flood disaster, Z. F. Ma, N. Yusof, N. Hamid, R. M. Lawenko, W. M.Z. Wan Mohammad, M. T. Liong, H. Sugahara, T. Odamaki, J. Xiao, and Y. Y. Lee

Semidominant GPNMB mutations in amyloidosis cutis dyschromica, Alexandros Onoufriadis, Chao Kai Hsu, Cindy R. Eide, Arti Nanda, Guy E. Orchard, Kenji Tomita, Adam Sheriff, William Scott, Chloe Tierney, John Y.W. Lee, Nesrin S. Gomaa, Rasthawathana Desomchoke, Su M. Lwin, Wei Ting Tu, Liang Yu Chen, Hsin Yu Huang, Sheau Chiou Chao, Julia Yu-Yun Lee, Yonis Bare, Thomas Hayday, Alyson L. Guy, Lu Liu, Chris Lees, Tessa Hirdler, Patricia Lovell, Lily Xia, Johannes F. Dayrit, Eduardo Calonje, Michael A. Simpson, Jakub Tolar, Maddy Parsons, and John A. McGrath

Efficacy, immunogenicity, and safety of a quadrivalent inactivated influenza vaccine in children aged 6–35 months: A multi-season randomised placebo-controlled trial in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres, Stephanie Pepin, Martin Dupuy, Charissa Fay Corazon Borja-Tabora, May Montellano, Lulu Bravo, Jaime Santos, Jo Anne de Castro, Doris Maribel Rivera-Medina, Clare Cutland, Miguel Ariza, Javier Diez-Domingo, Celia Diaz Gonzalez, Federico Martinón-Torres, Efimia Papadopoulou-Alataki, Maria Theodoriadou, Marie Pierre Kazek-Duret, Sanjay Gurunathan, and Iris De Bruijn

Institutional study of ecotourism industry in Luisiana, Laguna, Philippines: Linking institutions to natural resource conservation, Delos Reyes, A. Patrice Xandria Mari, Nico Jayson C. Anastacio, Pancho E. Ercilla, and Wella Tatil

Neurologic outcome of Filipino children diagnosed with central nervous system infection, Aida M. Salonga, Peter Francis Raguindin, Mishelle H. Imperial, Marilyn H. Ortiz, Martha L. Bolaños, Maria Lourdes M. Trajano, Madeleine Grace M. Sosa, Bernadette Chua-Macrohon, Jo Janette R. de la Calzada, and Maria Lourdes E. Amarillo

A second-order kinetic model on the survival profile of Candida albicans in biofilms, Derick Erl P. Sumalapao, F. M.D. Alegre, P. B.D. Salazar, N. R. Villarante, A. C. Gonzaga, and N. G. Gloriani

In vitro Resistance Pattern of Selected Antifungal Azoles against Candida albicans Biofilms on Silicone Nasogastric Tube, Derick Erl P. Sumalapao, Pauline Bridgette D. Salazar, Frederico Martin D. Alegre, Nelson R. Villarante, and Nina G. Gloriani

Efficacy and safety of delamanid in combination with an optimised background regimen for treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis: a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group phase 3 trial, Florian von Groote-Bidlingmaier, Ramonde Patientia, Epifanio Sanchez, Vincent Balanag, Eduardo Ticona, Patricia Segura, Elizabeth Cadena, Charles Yu, Andra Cirule, Victor Lizarbe, Edita Davidaviciene, Liliana Domente, Ebrahim Variava, Janice Caoili, Manfrid Danilovits, Virgaine Bielskiene, Suzanne Staples, Norbert Hittel, Carolyn Petersen, Charles Wells, Jeffrey Hafkin, Lawrence J. Geiter, and Rajesh Gupta

Submissions from 2018

Mitochondrial DNA variations are associated with recurrent pregnancy loss, Ali Azadi, Dong Joo Seo, Hannaneh Jafari Sasansara, and Michael Van Haute

Primary synovial chondromatosis of the shoulder with concomitant intra-articular and extra-articular involvement: More than a simple removal of loose bodies, Jana T. Francesca and Jonathan C. Ronquillo

Gross structure and composition of the rice grain, Bienvenido O. Juliano and Arvin Paul P. Tuaño

Shortening intradermal rabies post-exposure prophylaxis regimens to 1 week: Results from a phase III clinical trial in children, adolescents and adults, Phirangkul Kerdpanich, Pornthep Chanthavanich, Mari Rose De Los Reyes, Jodor Lim, Delia Yu, Ma Cecilia Ama, Zenaida Mojares, Daniela Casula, Ashwani Kumar Arora, and Michele Pellegrini

The use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and other imaging modalities in diagnosing and monitoring diabetic foot, Mezie Laurence B. Ortiz and Young Jin Jung

Cross-validation of a learning climate instrument in a non-western postgraduate clinical environment, Jaime L. Pacifico, Cees P.M. Van Der Vleuten, Arno M.M. Muijtjens, Erlyn A. Sana, and Sylvia Heeneman

Immunogenicity and safety of one versus two doses of tetravalent dengue vaccine in healthy children aged 2–17 years in Asia and Latin America: 18-month interim data from a phase 2, randomised, placebo-controlled study, Xavier Sáez-Llorens, Vianney Tricou, Delia Yu, Luis Rivera, José Jimeno, Ana Cecilia Villarreal, Epiphany Dato, Sonia Mazara, Maria Vargas, Manja Brose, Martina Rauscher, Suely Tuboi, Astrid Borkowski, and Derek Wallace

Economic burden of hospitalisation for congestive heart failure among adults in the Philippines, Bernadette A. Tumanan-Mendoza, Victor L. Mendoza, April Ann A. Bermudez-Delos Santos, Felix Eduardo R. Punzalan, Noemi S. Pestano, Rudy Boy Natividad, Louie Alfred Shiu, Renelene Macabeo, and Hilton Y. Lam

Review Update on Topical Therapy for Psoriasis, Vermén M. Verallo-Rowell, Stephanie S. Katalbas, Mara Therese P. Evangelista, and Johannes F. Dayrit

Submissions from 2017

Emerging roles of the endolumenal functional lumen imaging probe in gastrointestinal motility disorders, Rona M. Ata-Lawenko and Yeong Yeh Lee

In the footsteps of De La Salle, on becoming a Lasallian: Evaluation of the conduct of the intro to La Salle and contextualization and living out the Lasallian guiding principles sessions for all incoming first year and second year students of Dela Salle Health Sciences Institute, Juanito O. Cabanias

Seabather's eruption caused by the thimble jellyfish (Linuche aquila) in the Philippines, B. E.K. Guevara, J. F. Dayrit, and V. Haddad

In vitro cytotoxic potential of yacon (Smallanthus sonchifolius) against HT-29, MCF-7 and HDFn cell lines, Rachelle P. Mendoza, Warren S. Vidar, and Glenn G. Oyong

Maximizing the potential of blended learning in public health education and training, Celso P. Pagatpatan and Janelle P. Castro

Safety and immunogenicity of one versus two doses of Takeda's tetravalent dengue vaccine in children in Asia and Latin America: Interim results from a phase 2, randomised, placebo-controlled study, Xavier Sáez-Llorens, Vianney Tricou, Delia Yu, Luis Rivera, Suely Tuboi, Pedro Garbes, Astrid Borkowski, and Derek Wallace

Korean version of the painDETECT questionnaire: A study for cultural adaptation and validation, Jun Kyung Sung, Jeong Hyun Choi, Jinyoung Jeong, Won Joong Kim, Da Jeong Lee, Sang Chul Lee, Yong Chul Kim, and Jee Youn Moon

Collection-based analysis of selected medical libraries in the Philippines using doody’s core titles, Efren Torres

Epidemiologic burden of hospitalisation for congestive heart failure among adults aged ≥19 years in the Philippines, Bernadette A. Tumanan-Mendoza, Victor L. Mendoza, April Ann A. Bermudez-Delos Santos, Felix Eduardo R. Punzalan, Noemi S. Pestanõ, Rudy Boy Natividad, Louie Alfred Shiu, and Renelene MacAbeo

Economic burden of community-acquired pneumonia among pediatric patients (aged 3 months to < 19 years) in the Philippines, Bernadette A. Tumanan-Mendoza, Victor L. Mendoza, Melchor Victor G. Frias, and Dolores D. Bonzon

4,6-Barbaralanedicarboxy-2,8-dicarboxylic anhydride and 1,5-dimethyl-4,6-semibullvalenedicarboxy-2,8-dicarboxylic anhydride: examples of unusual barbaralanes and semibullvalenes that do not undergo the Cope rearrangement. They are locked as the closed tautomers, Richard Vaughan Williams, Andrew J. Aring, Margel C. Bonifacio, and Alexander Blumenfeld

Exposure to environmental microbiota explains persistent abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome after a major flood, Nurfadhilah Yusof, Nurhazwani Hamid, Zheng Feei Ma, Rona Marie Lawenko, Wan Mohd Zahiruddin Wan Mohammad, Deirdre A. Collins, Min Tze Liong, Toshitaka Odamaki, Jinzhong Xiao, and Yeong Yeh Lee

Submissions from 2016

Evaluation of gastroesophageal reflux disease using the bravo capsule ph system, Rona Marie A. Lawenko and Yeong Yeh Lee

An exploratory study on the effectiveness of "Calmare therapy" in patients with cancer-related neuropathic pain: A pilot study, Sang Chul Lee, Keun Suk Park, Jee Youn Moon, Eun Jung Kim, Yong Chul Kim, Hyejin Seo, Joon Kyung Sung, and Da Jeong Lee

The importance of assessment and management of morning stiffness in Asian patients with rheumatoid arthritis: Recommendations from an expert panel, Chi Chiu Mok, Hoon Suk Cha, Rudy Hidayat, Lan Thi Ngoc Nguyen, Emmanuel C. Perez, Raveendran Ramachandran, Gregory J. Tsay, and Dae Hyun Yoo

Submissions from 2015

A randomized, non-inferiority trial comparing two bivalent killed, whole cell, oral cholera vaccines (Euvichol vs Shanchol) in the Philippines, Yeong Ok Baik, Seuk Keun Choi, Remigio M. Olveda, Roberto A. Espos, Antonio D. Ligsay, May B. Montellano, Jong Sun Yeam, Jae Seung Yang, Ju Yeon Park, Deok Ryun Kim, Sachin N. Desai, Ajit Pal Singh, Ick Young Kim, Chan Wha Kim, and Sue Nie Park

Remembering the lady with the lamp, Maria Bernadette R. Daplas

An ethnobotanical survey of medicinal plants used in the East Sepik province of Papua New Guinea, Michael Koch, Dickson Andrew Kehop, Boniface Kinminja, Malcolm Sabak, Graham Wavimbukie, Katherine M. Barrows, Teatulohi K. Matainaho, Louis R. Barrows, and Prem P. Rai

Pentacyclic Triterpenoids and Steroids from Voacanga megacarpa, Allan Patrick G. Macabeo, Katherine Yasmin M. Garcia, Claire Francis S. de Guzman, Warren S. Vidar, and Scott G. Franzblau

HIV in the Filipino healthcare worker: A way forward, Edsel Maurice Tanghal Salvana and Rontgene M. Solante

Aedes aegypti larvicide from the ethanolic extract of Piper nigrum black peppercorns, Viviene S. Santiago, Rita Grace Alvero, and Irene M. Villaseñor

Economic Burden of Community-Acquired Pneumonia among Adults in the Philippines: Its Equity and Policy Implications in the Case Rate Payments of the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Bernadette A. Tumanan-Mendoza, Victor L. Mendoza, Felix Eduardo R. Punzalan, Paul Ferdinand M. Reganit, and Silverose Ann A. Bacolcol

Outcome after conservative management for mixed urinary incontinence, Sandy Pei Ying Wu, Tsia Shu Lo, Leng Boi Pue, Eileen Feliz M. Cortes, Meng Hsuan Lu, Ahlam M. Al-Kharabsheh, and Yi Hao Lin

Submissions from 2014

Submucosal endoscopy: From ESD to POEM and beyond, Haruhiro Inoue, Esperanza Grace Santi, Manabu Onimaru, and Shin ei Kudo

Relative efficacy of AS03-adjuvanted pandemic influenza A(H1N1) vaccine in children: Results of a controlled, randomized efficacy trial, Terry Nolan, Sumita Roy-Ghanta, May Montellano, Lily Weckx, Rolando Ulloa-Gutierrez, Eduardo Lazcano-Ponce, Angkool Kerdpanich, Marco Aurélio Palazzi Safadi, Aurelio Cruz-Valdez, Sandra Litao, Fong Seng Lim, Abiel Mascareñas De Los Santos, Miguel Angel Rodriguez Weber, Juan Carlos Tinoco, Marcela Hernandez De Mezerville, Idis Faingezicht, Pensri Kosuwon, Pio Lopez, Charissa Borja-Tabora, Ping Li, Serge Durviaux, Louis Fries, Gary Dubin, Thomas Breuer, Bruce L. Innis, and David W. Vaughn

Mitochondrial complex i gene variations; As a potential genetic risk factor in pathogenesis of multiple sclerosis, Ahmad Poursadegh Zonouzi, Saeid Ghorbian, Morteza Abkar, Ali Akbar Poursadegh Zonouzi, and Ali Azadi

Is Curettage and High-speed Burring Sufficient Treatment for Aneurysmal Bone Cysts?, Edward H.M. Wang, Michael L. Marfori, Ma Victoria T. Serrano, and Donnel Alexis Rubio

Submissions from 2013

Autologous dendritic cell transplantation as an adjuvant treatment in pleomorphic lung carcinoma, Francisco S. Chung, Nelia S. Tan-Liu, Guia Imelda Elena R. Ladrera, Ramoncito S. Habaluyas, Ernesto Dj Yuson, Joselito J. Danguilan, Samuel D. Bernal, Juanito A. Rubio, and Maria Teresa A. Barzaga

Economic evaluation of lipid-lowering therapy in the secondary prevention setting in the Philippines, Bernadette A. Tumanan-Mendoza and Victor L. Mendoza

Submissions from 2012

The investigational meningococcal serogroups A, C, W-135, Y tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine (ACWY-TT) and the seasonal influenza virus vaccine are immunogenic and well-tolerated when co-administered in adults, Mari Rose Aplasca-De Los Reyes, Efren Dimaano, Noel Macalalad, Ghassan Dbaibo, Veronique Bianco, Yaela Baine, and Jacqueline Miller

Epilepsy in Philippine language and dialects, Josephine Casanova-Gutierrez

The immunogenicity and safety of an investigational meningococcal serogroups A, C, W-135, Y tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine (ACWY-TT) compared with a licensed meningococcal tetravalent polysaccharide vaccine: A randomized, controlled non-inferiority study, Ghassan Dbaibo, Noel Macalalad, Mari Rose Aplasca-De Los Reyes, Efren Dimaano, Veronique Bianco, Yaela Baine, and Jacqueline Miller

Antibacterial and antifungal properties of ent-kaurenoic acid from Smallanthus sonchifolius, Eleanor P. Padla, Ludivina T. Solis, and Consolacion Y. Ragasa


Point-of-care breath test for biomarkers of active pulmonary tuberculosis, Michael Phillips, Victoria Basa-Dalay, Jaime Blais, Graham Bothamley, Anirudh Chaturvedi, Kinjal D. Modi, Mauli Pandya, Maria Piedad R. Natividad, Urvish Patel, Nagsen N. Ramraje, Peter Schmitt, and Zarir F. Udwadia

Philippine consensus statements on the management of non-variceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding: 2012, Jose D. Sollano, Ma Lourdes O. Daez, Gentry A. Dee, Madalinee Eternity D. Labio, Conrado B. de Castro, Dulcenia A. Balce-Santos, Jaime G. Ignacio, Bernadette A. Moscoso, Peter P. Sy, Ernesto G. Olympia, Evan G. Ong, Quintin P. Babaran, Joseph C. Bocobo, Albert E. Ismael, Jane R. Campos, Dina C. Gonzales, Diana A. Payawal, Marichona C. Naval, and Marceliano T. Aquino

Submissions from 2011

Southeast Asia: An emerging focus for global health, Jose Acuin, Rebecca Firestone, Thein Thein Htay, Geok Lin Khor, Hasbullah Thabrany, Vonthanak Saphonn, and Suwit Wibulpolprasert

Cost containment and quality of care in Japan: Is there a trade-off?, Hideki Hashimoto, Naoki Ikegami, Kenji Shibuya, Nobuyuki Izumida, Haruko Noguchi, Hideo Yasunaga, Hiroaki Miyata, Jose M. Acuin, and Michael R. Reich

Consensus statements on osteoporosis diagnosis, prevention, and management in the Philippines, Julie Li-Yu, Emmanuel C. Perez, Arturo Cañete, Lauro Bonifacio, Lyndon Q. Llamado, Romil Martinez, Allan Lanzon, and Mae Sison

Adductor myocutaneous flap coverage for hip and pelvic disarticulations of sarcomas with buttock contamination, Michael L. Marfori and Edward H.M. Wang

Submissions from 2010

Clinical profile and etiology of hypopituitarism at the University Of Santo Tomas Hospital, Lucy Anne S. Elumir-Mamba, Aimee A. Andag-Silva, Jay S. Fonte, and Leilani B. Mercado-Asis

Validation of the UST thyroid Scoring index against ultrasensitive assays for thyroid-stimulating hormone and free thyroxine, Analyza M. Galia, Aimee A. Andag-Silva, Sjoberg A. Kho, Teofilo O.L. San Luis, and Ma Leisa Magboo-Gaviola

Breath biomarkers of active pulmonary tuberculosis, Michael Phillips, Victoria Basa-Dalay, Graham Bothamley, Renee N. Cataneo, Phung Kim Lam, Maria Piedad R. Natividad, Peter Schmitt, and James Wai

Submissions from 2008

The Brugada type 1 electrocardiographic pattern is common among Filipinos, Giselle Gervacio-Domingo, Jessore Isidro, Jose Tirona, Eden Gabriel, Gladys David, Ma Lourdes Amarillo, Dante Morales, and Antonio Dans

Submissions from 2007

Safety and immunogenicity of a zoster vaccine in varicella-zoster virus seronegative and low-seropositive healthy adults, N. Macaladad, T. Marcano, M. Guzman, J. Moya, F. Jurado, M. Thompson, C. Meechan, D. Li, K. Schlienger, I. Chan, J. Sadoff, F. Schödel, and J. L. Silber

Submissions from 1996

A case of multiple endocrine neoplasia IIB in a Filipino, M. L.C. Magboo, R. U. Juarez, and J. E. Villanueva

Submissions from 1988

Enalapril in the treatment of Filipino hypertensive patients: A multicenter drug trial, R. Sy, M. Durante, P. Bravo, J. Sison, E. J.F. Ramos, R. Rabanal, M. Del Moro, and A. Saludo

Submissions from 1987

Diagnostic dilemma of pallor and leukocytosis, D. S.A. Caparas

Maternal beliefs, attitudes, and practices in childhood diarrhea, P. D. Santos Ocampo and E. P. Gabriel

Submissions from 1986

Perspectives on histamine, E. P. Pineda

The hemolytic uremic syndrome: Update, S. G. Pineda and E. P. Pineda

Therapeutic notes, J. G. Villalobos

Submissions from 1985

An intervention study utilizing community participation in the delivery of primary health care in area F, Bagong Bayan, Dasmarinas, Cavite February, 1984, N. G. Macalalad

The efficacy of combination treatment using acetaminophen (oral) and ASA (rectal) in children, S. San Pedro-Agoncillo, A. Mendoza, and V. Qurocho-Arizala

Submissions from 1982

Anaphylactic reactions, F. Cua-Lim

Submissions from 1978

Tuberculosis meningitis presenting as paraplegia. (A report of 6 cases and review of literatures), R. Chua Han Ching