The relationship of chronotype based on the horne and Ostberg's morningness and eveningness questionnaire and carbohydrate intake of second year DLS-HSI medical students, SY 2016-2017

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Research Project

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Community Medicine


Carbohydrates, Medical Students


The population to be studied were 271 regular 2nd year medical students of DLSHSI ages ranging from 19-28 years old. Simple random sampling was performed to select the 160 participants from the total population. Using Chi-square test, data analysis showed that 79.14% of the participants have high glycemic load while only 20.86% have low glycemic load. Among the participants with high glycemic load, 51% were classified under the evening chronotype while 49% were under the morning chronotype. In contrast, among those classified under the low glycemic load, 41% were evening persons while 59% were morning persons with a computed prevalence ratio of 0.72 at 95% confidence interval. The study concluded that there was no significant relationship between chronotype and carbohydrate intake. Gender was not a confounding factor.

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