The relationship of patient-clinical interaction with the levels of anxiety of patients during first interaction in outpatient surgery department in DLSUMC, April 2017

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Research Project

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Community Medicine


Anxiety, Patient Care, Surgery


Cross-sectional research design was employed in this study using simple random sampling. There were 65 outpatients in the Surgery Department who had their first interaction served as the study sample. A self-administered questionnaires over other data collection tools such as interviews and observations. Data was analyzed through using frequency, percentage, t-test and chi-square test. Study revealed there was a greater percentage of the patients with decrease in the levels of anxiety. A negative correlation of -0.2110 revealed that the patient's level of satisfaction on post-interaction was therefore insignificant based on the PPQ test. In the correlation of anxiety with the levels of satisfaction. Chi-square p-value of 0.6094 showed that there was insufficient evidence in supporting that there was an association between the change in anxiety levels and satisfaction levels of the patients' and clinical clerks' assessment on post interaction.

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