The relationship between the presence of depressive symptoms and facebook use among high school students in Dasmarinas, Cavite during S.Y. 2015-2016

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Research Project

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Community Medicine


Depression, Adolescents, Social Media


A cross-sectional analytic observational study was used. Cluster sampling was utilized to randomly select 269 grade 7 to 10 high school students. Data was collected using an adapted and validated self-administered questionnaire to determine Facebook activity and the prevalence of depressive symptoms among the participants. After data collection, subjects were classified as active or inactive Facebook users. Odd ratio was computed to determine if there was an association between Facebook use and the presence of depressive symptoms. Results showed that there was no statistically significant association between Facebook activity and the presence of depressive symptoms. On the other hand, statistically significant association between the presence of depressive symptoms and gender, family history, interpersonal relationship and family relationship was found; with being a female and having a family history of mental illness being causative, while having a good interpersonal and family relationship being protective.

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