Relationship between knowledge, attitudes and practices regarding HIV/AIDS and the courses of 4th year allied medical students of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

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Community Medicine


AIDS (Disease), HIV Infections, Youth, Sexual Behavior


The study utilized an analytical, cross-sectional design. The study sample was composed of fourth year undergraduate students who were 18 years old and above, grouped subsequently into their respective courses. A total number of 108 respondents were selected using stratified random sampling. A self-administered questionnaire was used to measure the knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding HIV/AIDS of the students. Prevalence ration was used to determine if there is an association between the knowledge, attitudes, and practices regarding HIV/AIDS of the students and their courses. Based on the results obtained 91.7% of the respondents have high knowledge, 79.6% have positive attitude and 63% of the respondents have safe practices. 50% of the respondents have high overall KAP scores. Using Epi-Info to obtain the prevalence ratio, there was no significant relationship between the KAP on HIV/AIDS and the student's courses. On the other hand, a significant relationship existed between practices on HIV/AIDS and sex.

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