A comparison of the stress levels between athlete and non-athlete first year medical students of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute SY 2018-2019

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Community Medicine


Athletes, Stress, Psychological, Stress, Physiological, College Students, Student, Medical


A cross-sectional analytic study and quantitative method was employed in this study. From first year medical students who are eligible to participate in the study, a total of 129 respondents, consisting of 86 non-athletes and 43 athletes, were chosen though a stratified random sampling. The Global Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPAQ), which utilizes metabolic equivalents (MET) in determining the level of physical activity, was used as a basis in classifying the first year students as an athlete or non-athlete. Moreover, Perceived Stress Scale-14 (PSS-14) was used to determine the stress level of the respondents. In addition, the demographic profile of the respondents (i.e. age, sex, place of residence, religion, nationality) will also be recorded in the study as they can be considered confounders in the study. Utilizing Whitney-U Test, Pearson Correlation, and Linear Regression, it was found that athlete first year medical students have lower stress levels compared to non-athletes. Hence, it was concluded that physical activity like sports has a protective property against stress.

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Van Jerwin P. Mercado

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