Graphic health warning labels and the attitude towards smoking of the senior high school students of DLSHSI, A.Y. 2016-2017

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Community Medicine


Smoking, High School Students


The researchers utilized a cross-sectional research design. One hundred sixty-seven (167) participants were selected by randomized sampling method. The sampling frame used was the list of all non-smoking senior high school students currently enrolled in the program for the academic year 2016-2017. Measures of association was computed using prevalence ratio to determine the relationship between the amount of time of exposure to graphic health warning labels (GHWLs) in cigarette packs and the attitude towards smoking of the study population. The variables were figured out using modified and validated self-administered questionnaires, and measures of central tendency and dispersions were used to determine general patterns and variations. The decision was to not reject the null hypothesis and concluded that there was no relationship between the two variables. Time of exposure of the Graphic Health Warning Labels had no effect on the attitude towards smoking of senior high school students from De La Salle Health Sciences Institute.

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