The prevalence of underage drinking between the male and female senior high students of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute A.Y. 2016-2017 under science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) tract due to peer pressure

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Community Medicine


Alcohol Drinking, Peer Pressure, High School Students


The study utilized an analytic cross-sectional design. One hundred fifty six (156) senior high school students enrolled under the STEM tract of DLSHSI were identified using stratified random sampling. A series of self-administered questionnaires that identified their basic information, measure of alcoholism and peer pressure was used as research instrument. A chi-squared test was used to determine the prevalence of underage drinking due to pressure among senior high school students of the STEM track comparing the male and female participants. Either gender and alcohol consumption or peer pressure and alcohol consumption showed significant association. Therefore, both the disease and the modifier were not likely to be an indicator or having any gender preponderance. The data was no longer fit to undergo further analysis due to no significant association between the variables.

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