A cohort study on the association of euphorbia hirta (tawa tawa), length of stay (LOS), and platelet recovery rate among dengue patients admitted at selected tertiary hospitals in Cavite

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Community Medicine


Dengue, Euphorbia


This study employed an analytical, observational, cohort study. A total of 20 respondents were selected via stratified random sampling including confirmed dengue patients of all ages. The study utilized a questionnaire, interview, and review of records and data was analysed using t-test. The length of stay with a p-value of 0.178 indicates an association of not statistically significant while the platelet recovery rate with a p-value of 0.007 indicated statistical significance. There was no significant difference in mean age, length of stay, onset of fever, and mean platelet recovery rate between those who were users and non-users of herbal decoction. Majority of the users of herbal decoction had shortened LOS and improved platelet recovery rate while majority of the non-user of herbal decoction had longer LOS and unaffected platelet recovery rate indicating an association.

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