Assessing patient safety culture maturity level of healthcare providers in De La Salle University Medical Center

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Research Project

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Community Medicine


Patient Safety, Manchester Patient Safety Culture Assessment Tool


This study aimed to help establish the overall perception of the healthcare providers towards patient safety culture according to five (5) levels of maturity (pathologic, reactive, bureaucratic, proactive and generative level) based on the aggregate scores of the Manchester Patient Safety Culture Assessment Tool (MaPSCAT), survey-type tool which focuses on the measurement of Patient Safety Culture Maturity Level providing assessment of safety culture in terms of continuous improvement, priority given to safety, system errors and individual responsibility, recording and evaluating incidents, learning and affecting change, communication, personnel management, staff education and teamwork. A descriptive survey design through a Filipino-modified version of MaPSCVAT was used and was given to the consultants, residents and nurses of DLSUMC representing 13 departments of the hospital. Frequency response rate was determined and sorted according to maturity levels. Results show that consultants and residents were found to be at the generative level while nurses were found to be at the proactive level. Two (2) of the 10 dimensions of patient safety culture are at the proactive level, the rest are at the generative level. Overall patient safety culture maturity level in DLSUMC based on the perspective of healthcare providers is at the generative level wherein patient safety is a matter of the utmost importance.

First Advisor

Melchor Victor Frias IV, MD

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