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Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology


speech language pathology clinical services, clinical services, perceptions


The objective of the study was to identify the factors affecting accessibility to SLP clinical services based on the perspective of caregivers of pediatric patients who avail and are waitlisted for clinical services. A qualitative descriptive research design was utilized to solely focus on the participants' views and perceptions. The study was conducted online with the interview utilizing an online platform, Google Meets, and a phone call to obtain necessary data from the participants. The study targeted caregivers of pediatric patients waitlisted and availing for clinical services in the satellite centers of DLSMHSI-CRS Department of Speech and Language Pathology. The researchers conducted an interview and utilized the interview guide that was referred from the questionnaire in O’Callaghan’s (2005) study. The interview gathered information about the issues, experiences, and insights of caregivers when availing for SLP services. 7 participants were interviewed and it resulted with 3 main themes and 5 subthemes. The results indicate that the limited number of SLPS, knowledge of caregivers when availing for SLP services and financial constraints are barriers to accessing SLP services for pediatric patients. Being unable to access SLP services will result in negative effects towards pediatric patient’s future quality of life.

First Advisor

Cryslee Austin T. Villanueva, CSP-PASP