Level of awareness on cervical cancer by women residents of Golden City, Imus, Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Cervical Cancer


The survey was accomplished using an adopted questionnaire entitled Cervical Cancer Awareness Measure (CAM) developed by the University College London (UCL) Behavior Center in collaboration with the Department health of Cancer team of United Kingdom (UK) and the Eva appeal. The respondents of the study were the women residents of Phase 1 Golden City, Imus, and Cavite with age ranging from 20 years old and above. Based on these criteria, 210 women qualified for the study. All 210 women were the respondents of the study. Data was analyzed using mean, standard deviation and coefficient of variation. Results showed that, (1) most of the respondents are from the age group of 20 – 29 years old, and with a monthly family income of 10,000 pesos and below, college graduate, married, and employed; (2) the respondents are unaware of the signs and symptoms and risk factors of cervical cancer; (3) age, educational attainment, civil status, occupation, and monthly family income are not significantly related to the respondents’ level of awareness on cervical cancer signs and symptoms. The respondent’s level of awareness on cervical cancer risk factors does not vary in terms of their educational attainment, civil status, occupation and monthly family income. On the other hand, age is found to be related to the respondents’ level of awareness on cervical cancer risk factors.

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