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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


satisfaction, radiology services, patient satisfaction


This study employed the descriptive research method with purposive sampling technique in selecting respondents, utilizing a self-made 10-item questionnaire based from the PSQ-18 (Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire Short Form). Fifty-two (52) patients served as the respondents of the study who underwent special radiographic examination from the selected hospitals in Cavite. Ethical considerations such as informed consent and confidentiality were observed. The data gathered were treated using the following statistical tools: frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, analysis of variance (ANOVA), t-test for independent means, and Duncan’s multiple range test.Based on the findings of the study, the following conclusions are drawn: 1) Majority of the respondents are female, aged 25 and below, single, college graduates, and earned below Php 40,000 as their monthly family income; 2) The respondents as a whole are satisfied with the radiology services given to them; 3) The level of patient satisfaction is not significantly influenced by age, educational attainment, and civil status. However, patient satisfaction is found to be influenced by the respondents’ sex and monthly family income in which respondents who are male and those who are earning a monthly family income of Php 40,000-59,999 had a significantly lower level of satisfaction.

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Lowela M. Alindayu,