Knowledge on rabies among the residents of selected barangays in Bacoor City, Cavite.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology




This study focused on measuring the knowledge of the residents of Molino III, Queen's Row East, Queen's Row Central, Queen's Row West, and San Nicolas III, Bacoor City, Cavite against rabies. Descriptive method was used. A self-made questionnaire was used to gather data from 398 respondents who were chosen using quota sampling. Based on the results, 1) majority of the respondents are 18 to 40 years old, female, married, college graduates, and have a monthly family income of 5,000 pesos and below; 2) majority of the respondents are knowledgeable in the following items: "rabies is a fatal disease", “rabies affects the brain of humans," and "cats can also transmit rabies". On the other hand, majority of the respondents are not knowledgeable in the following items: "inhalation of virus-containing aerosol may cause rabies", "eating of infected raw meat may cause rabies", and "rabies can be cured if it didn't yet affect the brain." Overall, the respondents had fair knowledge on rabies; 3) Age, civil status, educational attainment and monthly family income were not significantly associated with the respondent’s knowledge on rabies. Gender was significantly related to the respondents' knowledge on rabies.

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