Actual time studying and its perceived effectiveness to the academic performance of second-year radiologic technology students of DLSMHSI

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Academic Performance, College Students, Time Management


The study was conducted to determine the factors associated with the career choice among first year radiologic technology students of De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute. Using a descriptive research design, data were gathered using a self-made questionnaire and treated using frequency, mean, standard deviation and Mann-Whitney Utest. Majority of the respondents were female. Extrinsic subfactors including salary, job satisfaction, job security and job accessibility were found to be moderately associated in choosing a certain benefit in the career. Intrinsic subfactors including self-motivation, outcome expectations, self-efficacy, personal interest, personal ambition, and career growth were found to be moderately associated to personal career traits. An interpersonal subfactor which is parents' influence was found to be moderately associated with persuading the students in a career decision while teacher’s influence, friends’ influence and media influence were found to be somewhat associated. Factors associated with the career choice of the respondents do not significantly vary according to sex.

First Advisor

Nestor Jonathan E. Gatchalian

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