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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


alternative learning, teaching, laboratory course


This study looked into the challenges experienced by ten (10) faculty members of the De La Salle Medical and Health Sciences Institute teaching laboratory courses in the College of Medical Imaging and Therapy during implementation of Home Based Alternative Learning Modalities (HBALMs). The study made use of a qualitative method as the research design. Data were gathered from participants selected using a purposive sampling method through interviews conducted via an online collaboration platform (MS Teams). Findings of the study revealed that participants experienced various challenges which include having unstable internet connection, difficulty familiarizing selves with the use of online platforms, limitations in resources, lack of student engagement at times, environmental distractions as well as exerting greater effort in preparation and modification of learning materials to be used for teaching. However, regardless of all these, the participants managed to cope and adapt well with the hurdles. They became much more aware of these and as a result, the participants became more determined to overcome them. Means of adapting to the challenges include upgrading internet plans, patiently learning the system of online learning, being creative in thinking of ways of preparing/modifying learning materials as well as attending workshops, seminars/webinars that would help them in the process. In light of this, the study highly recommends continuous provision of all support possible for the faculty members who teach laboratory courses in the institution and more specifically in the college.

First Advisor

Ma. Jennifer A. Ellema