Knowledge, attitude and preventive practices of radiologic technology students in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute towards pulmonary tuberculosis.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Tuberculosis, Safety measures, Radiologic Technologists


This study was conducted to determine the knowledge, attitude and preventive practices of students of the College of Medical Radiation Technology towards pulmonary tuberculosis with the demographic variables of gender and year level. The descriptive correlational research method was used. A 61-item self-made questionnaire was distributed to students of the College of Medical Radiation Technology. Using purposive sampling technique, 631 participated in the study. Statistical measurements used are percentage distribution, frequency, mean, standard deviation, t-test for independent means, ANOVA, Duncan’s multiple range test (DMRT) and Pearson product moment correlation. Based on the results, 1) the highest population came from the second year and majority are female students; 2) the respondents' knowledge about pulmonary tuberculosis was good; 3) the respondents' attitude about pulmonary tuberculosis was rated to have a low positive attitude; 4) the respondents frequently practice proper preventive measures for pulmonary tuberculosis although they still engage in drinking alcoholic beverages; 5) the respondents’ knowledge does not vary with regards to their gender but varies distinctly when grouped according to specific year level; 6) the respondents attitude does not vary with regards to their year level but differs when grouped according to gender; 7) the respondents practices do vary when grouped according to their gender and year level; 8) the respondents knowledge and attitude as well as practices have significant relationship though knowledge does not affect the practices.

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