Knowledge, attitudes, and practices towards breast self-examination among selected women residents of Barangay Salawag, City of Dasmarinas, Cavite.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Breast, Examination


Socio-demographic variables include age, educational attainment, monthly family income and family history on cancer. This study utilized a descriptive correlational research design utilizing quota sampling technique, 500 residents of Barangay Salawag in City of Dasmarinas were chosen as respondents. The study used a self-made questionnaire to assess knowledge and practices while the instrument was adapted from the research study by Dundar and Omen (2006) to assess the attitude. Statistical measures used in the study were frequency, percentage, t-test for independent means, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), Duncan's Multiple Range Test (DMRT), Chi-square test and Pearson Product-Moment Correlation Coefficient. Based on the given findings, the following conclusions were drawn: 1) majority of the respondents are high school graduate, have a monthly family income of below Php40,000 and had no family history of cancer; 2) the respondents have a good knowledge regarding breast self-examination; 3) the respondents have a low positive attitude regarding breast self-examination; 4) the respondents practiced to a high extent breast self-examination; 5) the knowledge of the respondents about breast self-examination was the same regardless of their age, monthly family income and family history on cancer but differs in terms of educational attainment. No formal education and elementary graduate had significant difference with technical vocational. This means that if the respondents have low level of education, their knowledge regarding breast self-examination is low; 6) the attitudes of the respondents toward breast self-examination were the same regardless of their age and educational attainment but differ in terms of monthly family income and family history on cancer. Under Php40,000 and Php60,000-99,999 are significantly different with Php250,000 and over. Under Php40,000 and Php100,000-249,999 are significantly different with Php60,000; 7) the practices of the respondents were the same regardless of their educational attainment, family history on cancer but differ on age and monthly income; 8) there is no significant relationship between knowledge and attitudes towards breast self-examination; 9) there is no significant relationship between knowledge and practices on breast self-examination; 10) respondents who have a positive attitude towards breast self-examination are more likely to practice it.

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