Factors affecting the spread of communicable diseases among inmates in Trece Martires Provincial Jail.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Communicable Diseases, Prisoners


This research study utilized the survey method non-experimental descriptive research design. Out of 680 inmates, only 550 of them responded at the time of data gathering and they were selected through purposive sampling technique. A self-made questionnaire was validated and used to gather the data needed. Data was analyzed using frequency and percentage. Based on the results, sleeping next to each other was the reason for the communicable diseases to spread. Coughs, colds, and flu which are the most common communicable diseases in Trece Martires Provincial Jail can easily spread with this condition. Inmates are able to eat three (3) times a day, however, the amount of food and its nutritional content are not enough as there were not enough funds to provide the inmates with the food that has proper nutrients and vitamins. Most of the inmates do not practice proper personal hygiene as there was not enough supply of toiletry.

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