An evaluation of teaching strategies of the CMRT faculty members and its implication to the academic performance of 4th year students first semester School Year 2000-2001

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Teaching Methods, Academic Performance, College Students, Radiologic Technology


The descriptive method was used. Respondents were three (3) College of Medical Radiation Technology faculty members, 43 students each for the subjects Radiation therapy and Radiographic pathology and 42 students for the subject Ultrasound. A questionnaire was used for data gathering. Academic grades of the students were obtained from the Registrar's Office for the three (3) subjects. Percentage, frequency, mean, standard deviation, coefficient of variation, f-test, t-test and Pearson r were used for data analysis. The study concluded that, 1) The most evident teaching strategy employed was lecture with discussion method as assessed by the faculty respondents. There was only one (1) faculty who employed brainstorming method as assessed by the faculty; 2) The students’ performance was satisfactory for the subjects Radiation therapy and Radiologic pathology while fair for Ultrasound subject; 3) There was moderately small positive correlation between the teaching strategy employed and academic performance in the subject Radiation therapy and very small positive correlation for the subjects Radiologic pathology and Ultrasound. This showed that academic performance was influenced by other factors aside from teaching strategy.

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