Problem associated with the professional courses performance of third year and fourth year College of Medical Radiation Technology students of De La Salle University-Health Sciences Campus, First Semester. 2000-2001

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Academic Performance, College Students, Radiologic Technology


The study used the descriptive method. Respondents were 70 third year and fourth year students of College of Medical Radiation Technology De La Salle University-Health Sciences Campus for first semester, S.Y. 2000-2001. Data was obtained using a questionnaire checklist. Documentation analysis of records of the respondents’ grades was conducted. Mean, f-test, t-test of uncorrelated means, and Pearson product-moment coefficient of correlation were the statistical treatments used. The following conclusions were drawn: 1) Performance in professional courses of Medical Radiation Technology students should be kept as high as possible to provide the hospitals with technologists who are knowledgeable enough in this field which is very complex; 2) Administrators should provide the students the opportunities for effective learning by strengthening the curriculum according to the needs of future technologists, upgrading the available facilities to meet the instructional and research needs, continuing efforts to attract qualified and dedicated faculty on a full-time basis with a well planned development program and establishing affiliations with better equipped hospitals for internal training; 3) Faculty member should take note of each students performance in the class in order to know the difficulties which the students may encounter in their course.

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