Errors committed by radiologic technology interns of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute in clinical education SY 2013-2014.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Internship Programs, Radiologic Technologists


This study focused on determining the errors committed by the radiologic technology interns during clinical education school year 2013-2014 on different affiliated hospitals and gender of the respondents. It used the descriptive method applying the survey technique. The survey was conducted using a self-made questionnaire that had undergone content validation. Using the purposive sampling technique, the respondents were the 67 Radiologic Technology interns who are in their internship training. The data gathered was treated using the following statistical tools: frequency, mean, standard deviation and ANOVA. The study concluded that most of the respondents are female and assigned in De La Salle University Medical Center (DLSUMC); of the 27 tasks done to perform a procedure, majority (24) have never been committed error by the interns during clinical education. The other three (3) are rarely committed errors which can also mean that in rare occasions, these errors are committed by the interns, namely use of collimation, use of caliper and proper selection of exposure factors and maintaining exposure to a level as low as reasonable achievable (ALARA). There are no significant differences on the errors committed by the respondents during clinical education when they are grouped according to gender and hospital affiliation.

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