Compliance of radiologic technologists with infection control measures for tuberculosis patients in selected hospitals in Cavite and Manila.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology




Descriptive research design was utilized in this study. Data collecting was achieved using a self-made questionnaire based on the "WHO Policy on TB Infection Control in Health Care Facilities, Congregate Settings and Households" (2009) which was subjected to face and content validation by the professionals. Eighty four (84) radiologic technologists in selected hospitals in Cavite and Manila were included in the study using purposive sampling. Mean, percentage, frequency, standard deviation, analysis of variance, t-test for independent means, and Duncan’s Multiple Range Test (DMRT) were the statistical measures used in the study. Based on the results, (1) the respondent had a high extent of compliance with infection control measures for tuberculosis patients. On the other hand, respondents had moderate compliance with the use of UVGI fixture despite of the fact that it is provided; (2) significant differences were found in the extent of compliance of the respondents when grouped according to length of practice and training. Those who had trainings and practicing for five (5) years and more had higher compliance while there were no significant differences in the respondent's extent of compliance when grouped according to gender, income level and hospital's own infection control measures.

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