Relationship between the levels of job stress and job performance of radiologic technologists in selected hospitals in Cavite

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Occupational Stress, Work Performance, Technology, Radiologic


This study utilized the correlational research design. The levels of job stress and job performance were measured using adapted questionnaires. There were 103 respondents selected using purposive sampling. Data was treated using mean, percentage, frequency, standard deviation, t-test and analysis of variance. The following conclusions were drawn: 1) Most of the respondents were 20-30 years old, male, single, had working experience of 1-5 years and had monthly earning of P5,000-P10,000; 2) Radiologic technologists in selected hospitals in Cavite had low level of job stress; 3) The respondents had very satisfactory job performance; 4) The respondents had the same level of job stress regardless of their age, gender, civil status, monthly income, and length of service; 5) Age, gender, civil status, and length of service were not related to job performance. On the other hand, the respondents’ job performance differed when they were grouped according to monthly income. Radiologic technologists with low monthly income had higher job performance; 6) There was a significantly small negative correlation between job stress and job performance. Increase in the level of job stress will result to decrease in the job performance.

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