Level of awareness and practices of women residents in Brgy. Carmona, Makati City in preventing breast cancer

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Breast Neoplasms, Breast Cancer


Descriptive correlational method of research was used in the study. Five hundred (500) residents aged 30-65 years old were chosen as the respondents through simple random sampling. A questionnaire developed by Dr. Susan Olavidez was used. Percentage, mean, ANOVA and Pearson r were applied in data analysis. The following conclusions were drawn: (1) Majority of the respondents were 30-39 years old, married college graduate, and had a monthly income P10,000 and below; (2) Demographic variables such as age, civil, status and monthly family income showed no significant relationship to the level of awareness and the level of practices in preventing breast cancer. The educational attainment showed a positive relation to the level of awareness and level of practices; (3) The level of awareness and the level of practices of the respondents in preventing breast cancer showed strong positive relationship, which means that level of practices can be affected by the level of awareness.

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