Level of satisfaction of radiologic technology students toward the environmental sanitation of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Students, Radiologic Technology, Sanitation, Environmental Health


This study used the descriptive method. A total of 407 students from the College of Medical Radiation Technology from first year to fourth year were selected as the respondents through stratified random sampling. A self-made questionnaire served as the instrument. Data was treated using frequency distribution, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test of independent means, and ANOVA. The study concluded that, (1) Majority of the respondents were female and belonged to the first year level; (2) The students were greatly satisfied with the availability of trash bins and house keepers who were wearing proper personal protective equipment while collecting, sorting and disposing wastes in the library and school site. However, the respondents were least satisfied in some facilities due to the unavailability of toilet tissue, pail and dipper, and other sanitary materials in the comfort rooms, chapel, and Amino Center, followed by the implementation of Clean as You Go in the classrooms and canteen/food courts; (3) The library garnered the highest level of satisfaction, while canteen/food courts and comfort rooms both received the lowest level of satisfaction in environmental sanitation; (4) There was no significant difference in the level of satisfaction when respondents were grouped according to gender while there was a significant difference in the level of satisfaction towards environmental sanitation when they were grouped according to year level.

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