Activities of daily living of senior citizens.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Older People


The study used descriptive research particularly survey method. A purposive sampling was used in selecting the participants of the research. There were 384 respondents in the study; 71 coming from the institutions and 313 coming from the community. In order to know the activities of daily living of the respondents, Katz Index of Independence of Activities of Daily Living was used as a measuring tool. Data was analyzed through percentage frequency and Chi-square test. Results showed that most of the respondents are aged from 60 to 69 years old, female and residing in a community. It shows that in the two (2) categories of ADLs, a large percentage of the respondents are independent in all the activities of daily living. They are mostly independent in feeding. For the dependent, the largest percentage is noted in continence. There are significant differences on all of the ADL of the respondents when grouped according to age and residency. There are significant differences in the ADL of respondents in continence and feeding when grouped according to gender while there are no significant differences in terms of bathing, dressing, and toileting and transferring.

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