The level of anxiety of patients undergoing magnetic resonance imaging procedures at De La Salle University Medical Center

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Anxiety, Magnetic Resonance Imaging


This study used descriptive survey method. A total of 102 patients were chosen as respondents using purposive sampling. Data was obtained using a self-made questionnaire and treated using frequency, percentage, ANOVA, t-test, mean, and standard deviation. The following conclusions were drawn: (1) Majority of the respondents were above 50 years old, married, had a monthly income of P10,000 and below, and had no previous experience in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) procedure; (2) The respondents were not anxious before undergoing MRI procedure at DLSUMC; 3) The level of anxiety of the respondents before undergoing MRI procedure did not have significant difference when they were grouped according to age, gender, civil status, monthly income and previous MRI experience.

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