Level of awareness of selected employees of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute on environmental management system

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Environmental Monitoring, Educational Personnel


This study used the descriptive method. Stratified random sampling was employed to select 1,052 employees of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute. Data was obtained using a self-made questionnaire. Frequency distribution, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test of independent means were the statistical treatments used. The following conclusions were made: 1) Most of the respondents were below 30 years old, female, held rank and file (staff) position, worked in DLSHSI for 1-3 years and from the Hospital Operations Division; 2) The overall mean of level of awareness of the environmental management system programs was fully aware; 3) In terms of the pollution control program, the overall mean of the respondents' awareness on the other three programs namely: waste management program, energy and water conservation program, and emergency preparedness and response program was fully aware.

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