Leadership styles of student leaders in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute S.Y. 2008-2009

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Leadership, Students


The descriptive design was used in the study. Two hundred twenty-seven (227) student leaders of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute were selected as respondents through purposive sampling. Survey was the method applied and a questionnaire was adapted from "What is your leadership style?" by Hellriegel, Slocum, & Woodman (2001). Data was analyzed through frequency distribution, percentage, and chi-square test. The following conclusions were drawn: 1) Most of the respondents were 19-20 years of old, female, regularly students, occupied positions other than the president and vice president, third year level, from the College of Nursing and School of Midwifery and belonged to other accredited organizations aside from the student council; 2) Most of the student leaders in De La Salle Health Sciences Institute S.Y. 2008-2009 practiced a democratic leadership style where the leader is collaborative, responsive and interactive and emphasizes rules and regulations. Followers have a high degree of discretionary influence although the leader has ultimate authority and responsibility; 3) Age, gender, year level, student type, college affiliation, position occupied, and organization orientation were not associated to the leadership style of the respondents.

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