Assessment of the theoretical preparation for radiographic positioning and radiologic procedures in upper extremities to the clinical practice.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Medical Radiology, Positioning


This study aimed to determine whether the subject matter discussed in class is applicable to the actual clinical practice of Radiologic Technologists. This study used a descriptive type of survey technique. The data needed for this study were gathered through the use of self-made questionnaires. This study used two sets of respondents using purposive sampling technique. The first set is composed of professional Radiologic Technologists working in general radiography who attended the National Convention for Professional Radiologic Technologists 2013. Data was analyzed through frequency and percentage. Findings show that in actual clinical practice, 25 or 27.47% of 91 projections are frequently performed. Furthermore, out of 91 projections, 18 or 19.78% were identified as part of the routine projection or protocol of different hospitals. Among 91 projections, 79 or 86.81% were given a high degree of emphasis during theoretical preparation. Twenty-nine (29) or 31.87% of 91 projections were differently assessed by the respondent professors. Among 91 projections, 38 or 41.76% are congruent, and the remaining 53 or 58.24% are not congruent. Twenty-six (26) projections are identified as the projections that need to be highly emphasized during the theoretical preparation.

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