The relationship between academic performance and internship performance of radiologic technology students during school year 2003-2004

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Academic Performance, Radiologic Technology Students, Internship and Residency


This study used a descriptive method of research. Using purposive sampling, a total of 47 students were included as the respondents. This study used the documentary analysis to analyze the records of grades in academic and internship performance of radiologic technology students. The statistical measures used to answer the specific problems stated were mean, standard deviation, T-test and Pearson’s r. Based on the findings, the following conclusions were drawn: (1) The respondents had satisfactory performance in their academic and good performance in their internship. The female respondents showed better performance than the males, both in the academic and internship programs; (2) There is a significant difference in the internship performance and academic performance of the respondents when they are grouped according to gender; (3) Performance in academics is predictive of internship performance.

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