Leadership performance of student leaders at De La Salle-Health Sciences Campus

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Leadership, Student Government


The descriptive method was employed in this study. Using purposive sampling, the respondents included 36 student leaders of De La Salle - Health Sciences Campus. A questionnaire checklist was used by the researchers to gather the leadership performance of the student leaders. To answer the specific problems and to test the hypothesis of the study, frequency, percentage, mean, T-test, F-test and standard deviation were utilized. The following conclusions were drawn: (1) Most of the respondents were female and from the College of Physical Therapy; (2) The respondents have above average leadership performance according to objectives, planning, decision-making, implementation of plans and programs and evaluating results; (3) There is no significant difference in leadership performance when they are grouped according to gender but there is a significant difference when they are grouped according to college.

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