Attitude of radiologic technology interns on patient care and safety.

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Internship Programs, Patient Care, Safety Management


This research study focused on the attitude on patient care and safety among radiologic technology interns of A.Y. 2014-2015 of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute. Using descriptive research design, self-made questionnaire was utilized to measure the attitude of 144 respondents of the study. A total population sampling was used in selection of the respondents. Data was analyzed through frequency, mean, standard deviation, t-test and ANOVA. Results showed that majority of the respondents of the study are female, from an intact, nuclear family type, and are senior interns who are having their internship training in different affiliated private hospitals. Radiologic Technology interns have high positive attitude on patient care and safety. There are no significant differences in the attitude on patient care and safety of the respondents when grouped according to gender, family type, hospital assignment, and classification of interns.

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