Quality of patient care rendered by radiologic technologists in the affiliated hospitals of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Patient Care, Radiologic Technologists


This study used the descriptive method. Respondents of the study were 200 patients who underwent conventional radiography procedure and 23 radiologic technologists. Quota sampling technique was used in gathering data. The research instrument used in the study was a self-made questionnaire, which was based on the questionnaire Competency Profile: Radiologic Technology of the Committee on Education of the Canadian Association of Medical Radiological Technology and on the study of Caraig and Mendoza (1999). The statistical treatments used were frequency, percentage, f-test, t-test and fisher’s exact test and p-test. From the findings, the following conclusions were drawn: (1) Majority of the radiologic technologists were male, 40 years old and below and have more than seven (7) years of experience; (2) Most of the patients interviewed have evaluated the quality of patient care in terms of human caring and concern, technical expertise and quality customer service as strongly agree, which was described as very good and that the radiologic technologists did their responsibilities in providing quality patient care; (3) There is no significant difference in the quality of patient care rendered by the radiologic technologists when they are grouped according to gender, age and length of experience.

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