Patients’ satisfaction on radiological services

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Patient Safisfaction, Radiology


The respondents were the outpatients in the selected Radiology Departments who have undergone CT scan, ultrasound and x-ray examination. Demographic variables include age, gender, civil status, educational attainment, monthly income and type of examination. This study employed the descriptive research method. The study used a self-made questionnaire based on the three (3) dimensions of client satisfaction by David and Hobbs which inquired about patient satisfaction according to access to care, physical environment and care received. The respondents of the study were 333 patients from the six (6) selected hospitals in Cavite based on the similar modalities they have including CT-Scan, Ultrasound and X-ray. The data gathered was treated using the following statistical tools: frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, ANOVA and Duncan’s Multiple Range Test (DMRT). Results showed that, 1) majority of the respondents are 18 to 40 years old, married, college graduates have a monthly family income of Php10,001 to Php40,000 and have undergone x-ray examination; 2) the respondents were highly satisfied in terms of access to care, physical environment and care received; 3) the satisfaction of patients on radiological services had no significant differences regardless of their age, gender, civil status, educational attainment and monthly family income; 4) The type of examination had a significant difference on patients' satisfaction on radiological services. Respondents were more satisfied with x-ray services than with CT-scan services.

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