Problems encountered by radiologic technology interns in performing x-ray procedures in children ages seven and below

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


X-ray, Radiologic Technologists, Children


The descriptive method of research was employed in this study. Self-made questionnaire was used in gathering of data. The respondents of the study were the radiologic interns of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute. A total of 69 respondents participated in the study. In the analysis of data, mean, percentage, frequency, standard deviation, t-test for independent means and ANOVA were used. Results showed that, 1) the number of female interns is higher than male interns and most of the interns are assigned to De La Salle University Medical Center; 2) problems associated with positioning and technical aspect appears to be more frequently encountered by the interns and problems associated with communication were the least encountered; 3) hospital affiliation appears to have a considerable effect to the frequency of problems encountered by the interns that is related to positioning and technical aspect.

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