Lived experiences of patients who underwent teletherapy

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology




This purpose was accomplished through a qualitative research design, which utilized the phenomenological description of themes based on the experiences of the cancer patients. The participants were chosen through the use of snowball sampling. The data gathered by one on one interviews using an audio recorder. Significant gestures of the participants were also observed. The grand tour questions was “What are your lived experiences as a patient who underwent teletherapy?” The recorded interviews were then transcribed. Collaizi’s phenomelogical methodology was used in data analysis. The study concluded that although different experiences were gathered from the participants, the importance of love and support provided by their family and friends which gives the participants positive outlook were common to all. It was the main reason that gives them hope in life and determination to keep on fighting despite all the pain the participants endure. Generally, cancer is a deadly disease which can change peoples' lives. It can simply turn the world upside down. Treating cancer financially is no joke. Family and friends are important to a patient who is going through a difficult time such as having a disease requiring continuous medical intervention. The participants' experience in battling cancer while undergoing teletherapy, treatments after treatments are nothing compared with their motivation to live. Their family and friends play significant roles in providing the participants' physical, emotional and financial needs. The participants' battle was not just for themselves but also for their loved ones.

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