Lived experiences of tuberculosis patients undergoing short course chemotherapy

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Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology


Tuberculosis, Chemotherapy


There were eleven (11) participants who took part in the study; the youngest is 21 years old whereas the oldest is 78 years old and they were chosen through purposive sampling technique. Phenomenology was used in this study to vividly describe the lived experiences of the participants. Being TB patients undergoing short-course chemotherapy was the phenomenon and the patients themselves were the ones who described their experiences. The analysis of data was based on Colaizzi's phenomenological approach. The researchers used in-depth interviews for each participant of the study using a tape recorder. Observation of nonverbal cues was also done while the interviews were being conducted. After the researchers anayzed the data gathered, five (5) themes emerged. The first theme, "Exposition," reveals the possible factors affecting the immune system of the participants that led to the development of the TB disease. The second theme, "Rising Action," presents the different situations that arose before the participants were diagnosed as TB patients and before undergoing short-source chemotherapy as their treatment strategy. The third theme, "Climax," focuses on the difficulties encountered by the participants. The fourth theme, "Falling Action," reveals the changes and the progress happening to the participants as a result of the treatment. Lastly, the "Denouement" presents the coping of the participants during their treatment.

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