Relationship of thinking style to academic achievement of College of Rehabilitation Sciences students at De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, SY 2010-2011

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Academic Achievement, Thinking


A quantitative-correlational study was done to determine any significant relationship between thinking styles of the students of the College of Rehabilitation De La Salle Health Sciences Institute, enrolled during academic year 2010-2011 to their academic achievement using the general weighted average. A total of 85 students were chosen randomly using Slovin’s formula. Research instrument used was composed of three (3) parts: Part 1 was demographic profile; Part 2 used Gregorc Style Delineator (GSD) that described an individual which was ranked by the respondents according to their preference; Part 3 was questionnaire for ranking the external factors that may have an effect the relationship of thinking style to general weighted average of the respondents. Data was analyzed through frequency distribution and Pearson Correlation coefficient. Overall results showed that no significant relationship exists between thinking styles of students and their GWA because the degree correlation value is low. The relationship of the thinking style and academic achievement in the population is predominantly affected by family expectations, followed by stresses in school, and third by self-expectations.

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