Profile of the elderly in home for the aged facility in Cavite based on modified Barthel Index and biopsychosocial model of George Engel

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Aged, Barthel Index, Models, Biopsychosocial


This is a descriptive study using a purposive type of sampling. The study included the elderly ages 65 and above, male and female, residing in Tahanan ni Maria and Bahay Pag-ibig at Pag-asa for five (5) years. Assessment tools consisted of three (3) parts, namely, the demographic data, Modified Barthel Index and survey questionnaire of factors affecting the functional status of elderly. Prior to implementation of this study, pilot testing was done in order to assess for the validity and reliability and to improve the survey questionnaire. The study used descriptive statistics such as frequency distribution and percentage. The study concluded that out of 25 respondents, a total of 10 or 40% of respondents are mild dependent in their functionality. Majority of the respondents (64%) are continent in bowel and most of them (92%) are continent in bladder. A total of 64% in grooming, 60% in toilet use, 84% in feeding and 72% in transfer are independent. Most of them (76%) are independent in mobility but may make use of walking aid. Majority (76%) is independent in dressing and most of them (64%) are independent in getting in and out unsupervised and washing self in bathing. On the other hand, the results on the profile of elderly based on Biopsychosocial model vary as to sub-classifications biological (physical health), psychological (emotional, spirituality, intellectual and occupational) and social (social, basic needs, caregiving and education, community life and equal opportunity) factors.

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