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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Telerehabilitation, Performance, Strategy


Healthcare systems adopted a new platform of health delivery called telehealth, particularly, telerehabilitation (TR) in order to comply with limitations brought by the pandemic. This led to the transition from on-site rehabilitation to an online setting. Currently, there is only a limited amount of literature that determines the practices being performed in a TR program. This study aims to determine the current practices in the TR Program of selected physical therapy clinics in Cavite as to Patient Care, Care team, Organization, and Environment being the four levels of the healthcare system. Before the actual implementation, a pilot test of the instrument was conducted in a physical therapy (PT) clinic. A descriptive quantitative design was utilized by conducting an online survey to determine the profiles of PT preceptors and PT interns in selected centers of a Higher Education Institution and to identify current practices being employed in the TR setting. The study managed to include 19 participants, where the majority answered Completely Practiced (4.50-5.00) under the Patient Care, Care Team, Organization, and Environment Levels. Findings of the study show that most of the TR practices that are in accordance with the standards of PT practice are being applied in the clinics of a Higher Education Institution; however, some practices were also identified as not completely being practiced by the Respondents, specifically, collaboration with the care team, provision of training-seminars, facilities, and equipment. Therefore, despite the fact that current practices in TR are being employed, the researchers strive for a continuous improvement to maintain the score of those practices with high ratings and further increase the score of those practices with low ratings. Performance improvement strategies were proposed to help achieve the maintenance and improvement of the scores of each practice.

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Reynaldo G. Cruz