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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Physical Therapists, Pain, Neck


The main purpose of this study is to describe the overall clinical practice of physical therapists in examining patients with neck pain within Cavite province. With a specific objective of identifying the most common clinical practice through its frequency of use as well as to compare the local clinical practice with the recommendations of the international CPGs. The study was a descriptive-quantitative study design. The participants were composed of 25 practicing physical therapists in Cavite province who have experience in handling patients with neck pain. The participants were recruited using social media platforms and were asked to answer the online survey questionnaire tool – Google Form. The top 3 most commonly utilized specific examination procedures were: Active Range of Motion of the cervical spine (4.92), Observation of muscle spasm or any asymmetry (4.88), and Numeric Pain-Rating Scale (4.88) for the tests and measures. And for self-reported outcome measures: Numeric Pain-Rating Scale (4.56), Visual Analogue Scale (4.08), and Patient Specific Functional Scale (3.12). In conclusion, the overall clinical practice of the physical therapists in examining patients with neck pain were both evidence-based as to tests and measures were strongly observed: Pain examination (4.74), Observation (4.67), Palpation (4.36), Assessing ROM and mobility (4.14), functional capacity (3.96), Muscle Testing (3.64), Neurological examination (3.42), Special tests (3.17), and Peripheral Joint screening (3.12). And Pain Assessment (4.14), Activities of Daily Living (3.22), Measuring disability secondary to WAD (2.16), and Health-related quality of life (2.12) – interpreted as poorly observed practice for the overall of self-reported outcome measures. Further studies about possible factors why the participating Physical Therapists ought not to or to utilize them in their clinical locality may be further explored.