The perceived level of readiness of the Department of Physical Therapy of the College of Rehabilitation Sciences - De La Salle Health Sciences Institute and selected affiliation centers for an outcome based education

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Competency-Based Education, Teaching, Physical Therapy


This study used a descriptive study design to determine the perceived level of readiness in an outcome based education as to its physical set-up, safety and maintenance, utilization, and clinical training. A survey was utilized to gather data from all faculty members and clinical preceptors/supervisors where 70% of the total population of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th year physical therapy students were included. A questionnaire was based on the criteria for facilities by CAPTE, PAASCU and CHED. Mean and frequency distribution were used to analyze the data gathered. Results showed that overall mean of the facilities of the Department of PT is 4.19 which is ready to a great extent, exhibiting a strong indicator of readiness for an outcome based education. Literature supports this result as the facilities of the department are able to facilitate OBE in some extent but not to a full extent. As of current situation, the facilities are still arranged in the "traditional" set-up. If the facilities are arranged in way that it imitates the actual work set-up of physical therapists and must engage the students how to handle real-life situations, OBE would be marked to a full extent. Moreover, a positive learning environment is ideal in OBE as this promotes learning and achievement of outcomes. Funding and knowledge and understanding of outcome based education are considered as barriers in the implementation of OBE regarding the facilities. In conclusion, the facilities can still facilitate outcome based education to some extent by optimizing and maximizing the utilization of the facilities currently available. Further plans to improve the facilities of the department should be considered to provide the students and educators their needs in the learning process and achieve the desired outcome.

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