Health-related quality of life of yoga practitioners

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Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy


Yoga, Quality of life, Attitude to Health


A descriptive study was conducted to determine the health-related quality of life of yoga practitioners in yoga clinics around Manila in terms of mental and physical health. A total of 69 overweight and non-overweight yoga practitioners aged 18 to 49, weighing between 94 to 198 lbs. and stands 56 to 69 inches were included in the study. The respondents were selected using non-probability purposive sampling technique based on subjective judgement or on some pre-specified criteria. The assessment tool used to measure the health-related quality of life of the participants was the SF-36v2 questionnaire. Data was analyzed through percentage and frequency. Majority of the yoga practitioners have good HRQOL in terms of the Physical Component Summary (PCS) suggesting there were no limitations and disabilities in well-being, and indicated a good health-related quality of life. On the other hand, majority of the respondents categorized themselves as healthy in terms of mental component summary. The participants were mostly optimistic regarding health status, did not experience any emotional difficulty and were more capable of handling emotions well. Participants categorized as below average had problems with work or other activities as a result of emotional problems.

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